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Mission Statement

The HILARY GRACE FOUNDATION was formed for charitable purposes to honor the life and virtues of Hilary Grace White by raising awareness and improving treatment options for the National opioid crisis The Hilary Grace Foundation will seek grants, donations and fees to support its various programs.

About Hilary Grace

Hilary Grace White lost her battle with addiction at age 27. She was like any other young woman living in Buffalo, NY. Hilary was driven, smart and on the outside looked put together. Unfortunately, what we all saw on the outside was only a mask for the struggles she was dealing with on the inside. Hilary’s struggle was with opiate addiction. She wasn’t what many people would characterize as an addict. She was still attending graduate school and maintaining high grades all while working full-time. She was a beautiful person who loved animals, The Beatles, the Buffalo Bills, Disney and was a caring and devoted friend, cousin, niece, sister and daughter. Like many others, her addiction began with prescription pills. This addiction is relentless. She fought a hard battle, but like many others seeking help there are not enough public or private resources available which is why this foundation was formed to help fill that gap and make a difference helping those seeking treatment.

Hilary Grace White

From everyone at the Hilary Grace Foundation, we wish you and your loved ones a happy, safe, holiday season!

1st Annual Hilary Grace Foundation Appeal Drive

-A Note from our Board President and Hilary’s Mom-

Thank you for visiting the Hilary Grace Foundation’s website.
We are grateful for your support, any donation amount positively impacts our foundation. I made a promise to Hilary to continue on her legacy of helping others, especially those with mental health and addiction disease. Currently, during our country’s pandemic, the national opioid epidemic is worse than ever. Your gift can help us make our goal a reality.




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Visit the Hilary Grace Bench
on the Corner of Bidwell and Elmwood Ave.

Take time out of your busy day to sit and relax on the colorful bench in honor of Hilary Grace. Placed at Elmwood Ave and Bidwell, where Hilary and her friends would often spend nights and weekends enjoying the food and diversity of the Elmwood Village.

Second Annual Hilary Grace White Scholarship Winner

The Second Annual Hilary Grace White Scholarship in the Masters program of Licensed Mental Health Counseling at Canisius College was awarded to Aileen Doyle of Amherst, NY.

As a second semester student, Aileen is passionate about furthering her education to help those in need.  In her qualifying essay she stated “I always try to keep in mind that you never know what someone may be going through.”  This is in keeping with Hilary’s kind and compassionate soul and embodies the way she lived her life.

First Annual  Hilary Grace White Scholarship Winner

First Annual Recipient of the $15K Hilary Grace White Scholarship in the Masters program of Licensed Mental Health Counseling at Canisius College awarded to Ruth Robinson.

Ruth was selected out of many entries for the Hilary Grace White scholarship which described Hilary’s balance of work and life.

Hilary always wanted to help people and Ruth will be doing the same.

This experience provided insight into the shocking prevalence of addiction...yet opened my eyes to the positive impact that I may have as a counselor.

Ruth RobinsonExcerpt from Winning Essay