Hilary’s House

Hilary’s House is a recovery center for those battling substance use disorder.

Patients transition to residing/functioning in the community following residential treatment presents serious challenges. To accept the need for continuing care and to proactively avert relapse and its multiple tragic consequences, patients and families need counseling, education, and support. Hilary’s House will be the location for these and related services in a way unmated by other programs in NYS.

We envision ‘Hilary’s House” as a place to deliver services to address the critical challenges patients face with community re-entry; by bridging the gap between the intensive support that they receive during residential treatment, and the self-sufficiency and self-mastery they must achieve to sustain recovery. We have concentrated a great deal of our energy to make this a reality by raising funds and identifying a community partner that shares our vision and commitment.

The Hilary Grace Foundation and Horizon Village share a mutual deep commitment to ensuring that a complete and diverse array of treatment options are accessible to patients with substance use disorders, especially as the opioid epidemic continues to grow.

We have a shared belief that family members and communities play a critical role in the recovery process. 

Recovery requires a contiuum of care- often including detoxification, medical and emotional stabilization, intensive residential treatment, and continuing outpatient treatment and support.