Hilary’s House

On Friday, November 3, 2023, we dedicated Hilary’s House on the Horizon Village Campus in Sanborn, NY.

This 4,000 square foot multifunctional retreat house will provide a communal space for patients to meet with family members and friends receiving in-patient treatment and working toward recovery. This building fulfills the promise made by Hilary’s mom at the time of her passing to help others suffering from this disease by
establishing a judgment free facility that offers hope and support during their treatment journey.

Hilary’s legacy lives on!

Horizon Village is WNY’s largest treatment center for those battling substance use disorder. For over 45 years, Horizon has treated individuals and their families dealing with substance use and/or mental health disorders. Hilary’s House will allow programming that benefits all Horizon Village residents.

The Hilary Grace Foundation and Horizon Village share a mutual deep commitment to ensuring that a complete and diverse array of treatment options are accessible to patients with substance use disorders, especially as the opioid epidemic continues to grow.

We have a shared belief that family members and communities play a critical role in the recovery process.