Hilary Grace Scholarship

The Hilary Grace Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to her and this crisis.  The goal of the Foundation is twofold.  First, the foundation will provide an annual $15,000 scholarship to a recipient in the same Mental Health Counseling program that Hilary was to receive her degree from Canisius College.  Second, the foundation intends to build a transitional house called “Hilary’s House” for those finishing a certified rehab facility, but not yet ready to return to their home environment.  Hilary’s House will offer a clean, warm, friendly, non-judgmental home combining western medicine with a holistic approach.

It will be everything Hilary did not get.  Hilary’s experience at a transitional house was a nightmare.  Unlike many of the other individuals that were at this house, Hilary voluntarily committed herself to this phase of the recovery process.  Often, she would suggest that she was one of the only people there who was serious about battling this disease.  All of her valuable possessions were stolen, the tires on her car were slashed, there was little food available, and drugs would be brought in by way of the fire escape during the night.  All of this jeopardized her sobriety that she fought for.